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Jun. 1st, 2014 @ 07:39 pm A Maleficent movie review
***Spoiler Warning***
Just saw Disney's new "Maleficent" picture.  Was hoping to see a war between the fairies using humans as their pawns.  I think it was mostly a positive experience.  Great new characterization, in-depth plot and action.  I was a little leery of seeing Maleficent as an innocent child, but she still had her resolute spirit, so I could still see Maleficent's powerful soul in her.  A few lil nit-picky things did bother me and kept the movie from perfection.  Couple scenes that go nowhere, goofball moments seemingly designed for comic relief to the lil tots in the audience, though it seems weird that there would be tots in the audience of this movie.  I like that it shows the effects of darkness and hate on both sides, and that there is a chance for redemption.

Why change the names of the three fairies and Diablo?  Kinda glad they didn't use the fairies' original names and destroy those characters.  I'm all for giving backstory to those who deserve it, but not at the expense of destroying or eliminating other characters at the same time.
Could argue Stefan wished to save Maleficent by stealing her wings.  You can't kill someone who is already dead.  It'd be more interesting to leave that ambiguous that even he the villain is not entirely evil.  Why did Maleficent wait until the christening to take her revenge?  She was full of rage, vengeance and betrayal at the theft of her wings, why did she wait until Stefan was king, married, and arranged a christening for their newborn child?

Who or what gave birth to Maleficent and gave her such an awesomely cruel name?  A combination of Malevolence and Magnificence is hardly appropriate for a sweet innocent child fairy.  It seems more a name one takes when first embarking one's mission of vengeance, not given to your only child.  According to Peter Pan, fairies are born of children's laughter, and killed by their disbelief.  I only ask because she claims her parents are gone, and she has this in common with Stefan, and otherwise a throw-a-way line.

The movie goes to great lengths to recreate almost exactly the original cursing scene of "Sleeping Beauty."  One thing that always bugged me then and continues to bug me now: Why did the fairies and Maleficent part company?  Why does Maleficent refer to the fairies as "rabble" when she is a fairy herself?  They are of her order, her class, her kin.  At this point, Stefan is not only son of the king who declared war on the Moors, but he is the man who stole the wings of their queen.  The opening narration states the Moors have no ruling body, but everyone in the Moors bows to her and follows her orders.  Why would the Three Fairies spite their queen if not their ally and kinsmen by attending Stefan's christening and bringing magical gifts?  Sadly, the fairies are basically shafted in this movie, as Maleficent softens her own curse, rather than making it "death" she makes it a "sleep-like death" (which is still basically death.)  I like that she adds her own escape clause out of mercy to Stefan's groveling, but why take out such a pathetic revenge?  If you're going to do something, DO SOMETHING!  Don't half-ass it.  With Maleficent lessening her own curse, it makes the fairies unnecessary.  I wish their gifts could have had more meaning to the story, could have been "a kind heart" or "love of nature" or some bullshit like that.  They went with, "She'll be pretty" and "She'll have no control over her own emotions."  Wow, that can be more of a curse than Maleficent wanted.  Why were the fairies further made out to be complete idiots?  Clearly Maleficent knew enough of humans of how to take care of them.  However, the homage to the original scene ends when Maleficent gives a dramatic pause before her curse is cast.  Original Maleficent knew she didn't have a lot of time so she wanted to get her business done and get gone before they knew what happened.  The king immediately ordered her capture, only for Maleficent to have a grand exit to display how powerless they were against her.  In this version she basically just walks away unchallenged.

Also seems weird that they go to the trouble of hiding Aurora, they don't give her the name "Briar Rose" (I guess that would be confusing?) except Maleficent finds them instantly and even hangs around and no one notices.

Why did Prince Phillip get shafted?  Phillip had character in the original movie, it wasn't much, but it was there.  Lost perhaps one of the greatest dragon battles in cinematic history.  It is one thing to have an homage to a timeless classic, it can even be remade into a modern more mature work.  But it is quite another to shit on the past as Frozen and this film do.  Just ruins "Love's first kiss" "Love at first sight" and princesses don't need no man.  Marrying for *love* was the fairytale of the day, when most "traditional" marriages were arranged by their parents as property negotiations.  I wish a version of "Sleeping Beauty" could elaborate on whether Maleficent's curse came to pass or not, the mere threat of it was a curse in itself.  Why does Maleficent curse a spinning wheel?  Why does Cinderella wear glass slippers?  I don't know, it makes a good story, maybe Maleficent owns a clothing sweatshop in town or whatever.  But the consequences of Maleficent's curse causes firstly to deny Stefan his newborn daughter the first sixteen years of her life.  He may never see her again.  Secondly, he causes all spinning wheels in the kingdom to be gathered and destroyed whether their owners will it or not.  That's destroying an entire industry!  And everyone from the king to the pauper will want to have clothes.  This will dramatically increase the cost of clothes, most likely having to import from a nearby kingdom.  This will just as likely result in black market for clothes or clothes-making materials or supplies and *that's* how you don't destroy them all - there's always going to be more if you forbid something.  All this has a ripple effect that can cause unrest with the king, crime, the whole kingdom could fall in sixteen years and completely forget the princess.  It happened with prohibition, it can easily happen anywhere.  For that matter, what is a spinning wheel doing in the throne room of the castle during a christening celebration anyway?  Why did Maleficent feel it necessary to knock Phillip unconscious and float him through the castle?  When did she decide to give True Love a chance?  Why couldn't she simply ally with the prince, since they both want to help Aurora anyway?

Meanwhile the young princess Aurora is basically raised a prisoner whether she knows it or not by three women who are not her family, and not who they say they are.  She's kept lonely, with no one her own age to play with, so it's not so crazy that she latches on to the first new person she sees.  She's lived a sheltered life and maybe isn't aware of "Teh Dangers of Men" etc if she's been raised only to fear curses and witchcraft.  As a result, on her sixteenth birthday, she gets told everything she knows is a lie, she's losing the only home she's ever known, to be a princess in a castle with strangers and to be betrothed to someone and the one person she's made a friend with on her own she will never see again.  Happy Birthday!  In the original this is a legitimate angsty moment.  I'm all in favor of the constant "Money and power can't buy happiness" bit to make the rest of us feel a lil better, but it sure doesn't hurt!  Jasmine, Merida, people born into royalty, their future well-being is assured, they want for nothing, never have to work a day in their lives,  but they still want *more,* but if they were peasants they'd have to work for a living and have to deal with all the trials and tribulations of being poor.   Disney has built its castle on princesses, but so many of them are unhappy with their lot in life because they don't want to be princesses, or they want to be "free," but never really shows an alternative, and is all too happy to keep them in the princess prison norms they rail against the entire movie.

On it's own, a good movie, but it falls apart when you compare it to the original.  This movie does not deserve the dark buildup it got if it wants to portray Maleficent as an innocent victim, does not deserve the dark spooky version of "Once Upon a Dream."  Couple little tweaks could take a good movie and make it a great movie.  Why was Aurora's mother virtually non-existent the entire movie?  I know in most stories of this type one or both parents are dead or otherwise gone, but here she's very much alive.  Does she have zero impact on this story at all?  If your goal was to make Aurora the bridge between two worlds, it could have made sense to have her be the daughter of Stefan and Maleficent, that could have made things interesting.  Is Aurora going to be totally cool with the fact that her fairy godmother killed her father?

Maleficent has shown capable of healing broken life, causing branches to grow into an enormous forest of thorns, transforming her ally into any manner of creatures from a man, to a horse, to a dragon, to a bird, yet she lacks the ability to do anything to herself to heal her wings?  I did like that the return of her wings, the symbol of her innocence, transforms and heals her in more ways than one, done by the hand of Aurora.  Well, I went into this hoping they wouldn't give Maleficent the "Wicked" treatment, and I think she escaped that.  But she *did* get the "Frozen" treatment.  Whether this bodes good or ill, time will tell.
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Mar. 1st, 2012 @ 07:00 am Review of Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence
Ghost Rider 2
First movie was better.
I don't know much about Ghost Rider as a comic hero.  I've seen some comic scans, saw him in MUA, don't think he gets many crossovers.  (Was kinda hoping the black guy in this movie turned out to be Blade.  Now *that'd* be a teamup!)  I absolutely loved the first movie.  It was awesome, it was everything you wanted to see.  Great effects, great character.  I see many criticizing Cage's over the top performance: He was being turned into a demon, that seemed about right to me personally.
Remember the ending of Ghost Rider (movie 1)?  Mephisto offered Johnny Blaze to remove the curse of the possession of the Ghost Rider spirit, having had fulfilled his contract.  Johnny Blaze defiantly declined, promising to use this power against Mephisto.
When we first see our hero in GR2, he is apparently regretting this decision (or forgetting he made it) and is literally running away from the Rider, doing everything he can to suppress his power, despite the spirit's power apparently getting stronger, controlling him even in mortal form enough to cause him to shirk from light.
Remember the bike from the first movie?  Even Johnny's normal bike was fairly awesome to begin with, but the Ghost Rider bike, you could tell love of the wheel went into it.  Someone had the honor of designing this thing and knew where it was going.  Every inch of it screamed the name of its master as sure as the Batmobile.
In this movie, the bike looks not only ordinary, even by Johnny's standards, but.. melted.  Apparently everything GR touches.. melts.  GR is now riding a molten hunk of junk.  His leather jacket is melted too.  The first movie had not one but two smoking hot looks.
There are some good concepts in this movie, don't get me wrong.  But the movie feels like, having explained everything you need to know in movie 1, that it could hit the ground running at the start of movie 2.  Feels like we're starting in the middle of something, and we don't get much exposition til the middle of this movie, so all these things are happening around and you don't know why.  Not to mention the fact that this movie centers around the Devil's son, despite the fact that the Devil already had a son.  We saw him in Movie 1.  Blackheart.  Also, with the powers displayed by Movie 2's Devil's Son, Blackheart would've been able to insta-defeat GR in Movie 1 by simply canceling his father's contract.
Some other concepts that didn't really fly with me: 1- The Devil needs a human/mortal form to interact with humans, but while this occurs, his power is substantially weakened, forcing him to frequently body-jump as he uses up vessels.  I dunno, he didn't seem all that weak in.. well, any other incarnation ever.  Anyone ever imagine the Devil as a frail lil ol man?  Even the body-jumping ritual just seemed.. awkward...
2- The fact that Johnny Blaze regards Ghost Rider as an evil destructive being that punishes all beings no matter how slight their crimes.  Movie 1 clearly saw GR passing over those he found innocent.
I didn't like how they changed the Penance Stare into literally "sucking out souls," just not as cool-looking.  Movie 1 also specifically said that the Ghost Rider appears, "when night falls, in the presence of evil."  Movie 2 apparently doffs that first part in favor of having the hellborne demon ride around by day.  I thought it was nice to be sure our hero would be safe by daylight, as well as provides a distinct weakness.  Now you're just breaking your own rules.

In movie 1, Ghost Rider had to combat his own fellow fallen angels of Water, Air, and Earth, plus Blackheart himself.  In this movie, he faces ordinary humans most of the time, ultimately one super with the power of decay.  Ew.
All that said, the biggest crime of this movie is I didn't feel the heart of the first.  There wasn't a single funny line or joke.  It just feels like a totally different team took this on without any of the charm of it's predecessor.  There was a lot of unnecessary mugging for the camera.  This movie had a concept that Ghost Rider's face appears partially on Johnny Blaze as the two entities fight for dominance, which is a neat idea, but maybe they played with it a bit too much to a disturbing degree.  While Cage's very spirited transformation in movie 1, done once, was fine, seeing it done repeatedly here does tend to get on my nerves.
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Jan. 6th, 2011 @ 04:05 pm Revised Fanart Wishlist
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Well, it's been a year since I first set up my public Fanart Wishlist, and I've been advised that I should organize it a lil better.  Y'Okay, how's this? 
Original Link: http://pinky75910.livejournal.com/8234.html

You can check the progress on my list by going to my Gallery:

Or my Commissions Folder:

Last Updated: 08/04/11

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Dec. 24th, 2010 @ 08:30 pm Greetings from Hogwarts!! A theme park review
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Ride the movies to a new world...Collapse )
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Aug. 13th, 2010 @ 11:11 pm Zelda Trailer... Trailer
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Current Music: Zelda theme (duh)

So!  I wanna make a trailer for "The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past"!  I'll be using gameplay footage, official artwork, but I need voice actors!  This is my first time heading a project like this, so, here goes.  If anyone has any suggestions, lmk..

You can learn more about this game and the characters here:

Here you can find pictures of the cast at my Photobucket:

Images courtesy of The Zelda Shrine:  http://zs.ffshrine.org/ and http://www.zeldalegends.net

Here's the official advertisement/trailer for the.. uhh, trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1xpa9o65lY

If there's something important to update, I'll put it here.  Not sure about a due date, not in a hurry, I guess I have to wait until I have at least an audition for every character.  I have no idea how I'll be casting.  I guess I kindof have some idea in my head about how these characters might sound, and I just hope someone out there is somewhat close to it. 

Zelda and The Elder are featured in the commercial at the end of my trailer.  Please give that a look if you audition for these parts. 

Cast descrips and lines...Collapse )

Maybe if I do this good, I'll do Link's Awakening and Ninja Gaiden!

Also, if there's anyone interested in coloring manga scans, lmk.
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Aug. 1st, 2010 @ 02:09 am The Last Airbender: Review
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I can't do it. There's too many of them. I must've taken out a dozen ships. I can't do it.
But you have to. You're the Avatar.
I'm just one kid...

You're welcome, Shama.  In five seconds, I just summed up Avatar.  Something you had some trouble with.

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Mar. 8th, 2010 @ 11:23 pm And the Oscar goes to...
Hey, what was up with the Oscars?  Traditionally, it's "And the Oscar goes to" - this year, "And the winner is." 

Also, I was looking forward to seeing a dedication to certain lost film stars in the memoriam section, and it seems a few important people were missed.  

Besides the lack of originality of Avatar, I had a few issues with the movie:

Spoilers for AvatarCollapse )
My family gave me $100 in gift card for Barnes + Nobles for Christmas.  I just used the last of it Feb 28 to renew my membership.  Man, goes fast.  0_0
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Mar. 1st, 2010 @ 12:20 am Fridge Logic
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February's been kind of a weird month for me, had a virus attack twice.

I'm sure you all remember Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  A selfish prince ended up cursing himself and everyone in the castle to be transformed until he could learn to love and be loved in return by the time the last enchanted rose petal falls.  According to "Be Our Guest" the length of time between initial cursing and the climax of the movie is ten years.  Sure, it would certainly suck spending any amount of time trapped as an animal or an ornamental object.  For the adults, the servants being mostly permenant fixtures anyway, it might not be so bad.  But I want to focus on two characters: Beast and Chip.  I'll be generous and say that Chip, the young boy turned teacup, Mrs. Pott's grandson I believe, is twelve years old.  It's bad enough the poor kid seems to be the only child in the castle, not even a servant or anything.  Can you imagine spending your formative years as a teacup?  A chipped one?  And that's assuming that no one aged during this transformed time-period.  Is Chip now a 22 year old in the body of a child?

But then I remembered something else.  According to the Prologue, "the rose would bloom until his twenty-first birthday."  When transformed, Beast certainly doesn't look eleven, which means that people *do* age while enchanted.  Same as Chip, it would certainly suck even if you didn't age, but if you did?  Can you imagine what kind of mental state someone would be in having just skipped ten years of their life development, let alone becoming a bestial hermit?

Not only that, but with this information, it makes Chip's predicament even worse, meaning he was just TWO years old when he became dishware.  Belle and her father are probably the first flesh and blood humans he's ever seen.  He might be used to the idea of being a cup.  Heck, what about the dog/foot-rest?  Does that mean the dog was a newborn puppy ten years ago and is now possibly in his twilight years?  Talk about cruelty!

Imagine if poor Mrs. Potts had a heart attack and died before the curse was lifted.  What if one of the plates falls off a table and cracks into a million pieces?  Not to mention I was being generous by making Chip 12.  If he was any younger, was he conceived and *born* a cup?  Explain that one!  Whatever happened to Chip's parents?  To Beast's parents?  Did they have an unfortunate plate smashing incident?  Can you imagine what kind of therapy these people need?!

Hmm, according to http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Chip Chip is Mrs. Pott's son.  Still doesn't explain what happened to his dad.

Ponyo Fridge Logic

In Miyazaki's latest movie, Ponyo, seemingly a takeoff of the classic "The Little Mermaid" story, Ponyo's father, Fujimoto, claimed Ponyo becoming human would upset the delicate balance of nature.  He's also described himself as having been "once-human".  So 1- considering he can spend an infinite time underwater and needs special equipment to spend any time on land and "fathered" Ponyo, What exactly IS he?  Furthermore, if a human can become a water-dweller, isn't *THAT* just as upsetting to the balance of nature as what Ponyo wishes?  Wouldn't letting her live on land in fact RESTORE the balance?  Ponyo's mother didn't seem to bat an eye to the situation considering how concerned FUjimoto was.  Course, he apparently had plans of destroying the world, but that seemed to disappear pretty quickly and no one seemed altogether worried.

Also in Ponyo, the children used a strange sort of contraption involving a candle to make their toy boat go, while using Ponyo's magic to enlarge the toy boat to people-size.  Wouldn't the melted Candle wax and the heat of the candle be a problem to the children?

*NOTE - Updated Fanart Wishlist : http://pinky75910.livejournal.com/8234.html
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Jan. 31st, 2010 @ 12:51 am As Yu-Gi-Oh would say...
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Let's play a game!

Go to this link in my PhotoBucket: http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x58/pinky75910/Floral/

There are 16 pictures from Disney/Square movies aka Kingdom Hearts Worlds.  See how many you can identify!

Hint: Disney sequels count!
Hint: Some movies appear more than once!

Post your answers as a comment here!

Some have been edited to challenge you!
This might be really easy or really hard, I'm not sure, let's find out! 

Good Luck!
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Jan. 14th, 2010 @ 12:10 am Answering GeminiStar's Questions-
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These are hard questions so I didn't answer them straight away-

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